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The word for an upper lip without a mustache is "naked."


We know. The fake mustache market has grown out of control. What started with the shortsighted mustache finger tattoo has exploded into a full-blown 'stache industry, offering mustache cupcake toppers, Band-Aids and even mini mustache pacifiers.

But there's one product that combines the winky irony of the fake mustache with sensible summertime utility: Sun-Staches.

Ever crank a few quarters into a stick-on mustache vending machine, crack open the bubble ball and adhere the fake 'stache to your upper lip, only to find that the sheen of warm weather perspiration makes the disguise droop from its intended position? Sun-Staches take care of that problem.

The company's standard plastic sunglasses come with a variety of plastic mustaches--like the Classic, the Handlebar or the Fu Manchu--attached under the lenses with two thin chains so the mustache dangles just above your mouth. More eccentric offerings include the McLucky, with bright green frames and a ginger mustache, or the Meowstache, with cat whiskers dangling under dark black glasses.

And there's an added bonus: Wear your Sun-Staches on a particularly bright day and you're in for one hilariously hirsute suntan.

Sun-Staches cost between $9.99-$12.99 each, but you can order eight-piece, 24-piece or 50-piece party packs at a significant discount.