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Sun Blood Stories To Tell A Boise Bloody Tale

Friday, Dec. 28 at Red Room


Sun Blood Stories, the stage name of Boise blues guitar slinger Ben Kirby, was no slouch as a solo act. Kirby used his gritty, rumbling voice and ballad songwriting to bring a taste of the Mississippi Delta to the Idaho desert.

But earlier this year, Kirby filled out the act with drums, bass, keys and saxophone, turning Sun Blood Stories from a strong solo act to one of Boise's best bands with wider-than-usual appeal.

What really makes Sun Blood Stories great is that if you strip it all away--the roundhouse heavy beats, the sultry sax, the smoothness of the organ and the low pulse of the bass--you still have songs that will chill your bones and licks that seem plucked straight from a Southern crossroads at midnight.

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