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At least twice in the past week, I've climbed into my car to find the internal temperature had risen to 90-plus degrees during the course of the afternoon. That's sign enough for me summer is (almost) here.

We touched on a couple of summer-ish themes in this edition of Boise Weekly, starting with a guest opinion from well known local artist/body image activist Amy Pence-Brown. Her advice for a comfortable, happy summer is to stop fussing about how you look, and dress the way that makes you feel best. Find her op-ed on Page 5.

On Page 6, BW News Editor George Prentice checked in with weather experts to get an idea of how the area summer forecast is shaping up following the historically brutal winter we recently endured. While flooding continues to be a concern as snowpack streams down from the mountains, the higher-than-normal amount of moisture should help lessen the severity of the fire season.

Some people love the heat, others take the onset of high temperatures as a cue to retreat to the cool sanctity of the great indoors—often opting for quality time playing video games. On Page 7, BW Staff Writer Harrison Berry took a look at the state of video game development and virtual reality technology in Idaho, finding that while there's plenty of interest in the industry, there are still some high barriers to entry.

Speaking of screen time, Prentice profiled 50 of the best movies and TV shows of the summer, ranked in order of critical anticipation. See the list of summer must-sees on Page 18.

Finally, another sign of the season is BW's annual Black-and-White Photo Contest, which is nearing its deadline of 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, May 31. If you do the math, that's one week from the publication of this edition. If you have entries yet to submit, snap to it at http://bit.ly/2qdzkxR.

Happy (almost) summer and remember to park your car in the shade.

Zach Hagadone

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