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Ben Love's New Show: Sum Moment


Here are five reasons, in ascending order, why you should check out Boise State undergraduate student Benjamin Love's new show "Sum Moment--A Collection of Wings" at the Boise State Student Union Gallery. 5) One piece in the show features the line "I dance in the mirror, but I don't dance at parties. But I'm a really good dancer now," which Love found scrawled on a muddy scrap of paper on New Year's Eve. 4) There will be ample amounts of Astroturf. 3) There will be a 20-foot-long rainbow. 2) He's baking a life-sized Michael Jackson cake. 1) He's keeping the cake's flavor a secret, but promises it will be "really spectacular."

A recent participant in the 8th Street Marketplace's Artists in Residence program and this week's BW cover artist, Love works in wide array of mediums.

"I come from mainly a sculptural background, but I've been experimenting with painting a lot lately," said Love. "I've made some really large paintings and have been using sculptural ideas to build them, thinking of them more as objects."

The opening reception for "Sum Moment" will take place on Thursday, Jan. 21, from 5 to 7 p.m. In addition to sampling the giant Michael Jackson mystery cake, attendees can view Love's painted interpretations of other texts culled from slushy piles downtown.

"For me, I'm interested in the idea of intimately knowing this person through these revealing texts," said Love. "On another level, as an artist, I think it's funny that somebody seeing the paintings will probably think that I wrote them and that they're texts about me."

Thursday, Jan. 21, 5-7 p.m., FREE, Boise State Student Union Building, second floor, 1700 University Drive, 208-426-4636,