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Sully's Pub and Grill

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Sully's Pub and Grill is a dark, wood-lined pub complete with a fireplace and long, polished bar--the kind of place where patrons can tuck into bowls of Irish stew or fish and chips. But it's not something you expect to discover in Star--the British Isles or even the East Coast, sure, but not Star.

Yet claiming a prime piece of real estate on the main drag of the still sleepy, rural town, Sully's is bringing a touch of the pub tradition to a place where the designation of "bar" or even "saloon" seems much more apt.

A large interior space greets patrons with pubby charm and a heavy dose of modern, airy sensibilities. A see-through fireplace offers a glimpse of the expansive outdoor offerings, which include both covered and open patios, as well as an outdoor bar and two horseshoe pits. Add friendly service, a laid-back atmosphere and a full bar, and there's suddenly a reason to make the drive to Star from Boise.

The menu is a mix of traditional pub fare and American bistro offerings. The ingredients are fresh, the combinations creative and the portions generous--it's a mixture that works whether you're in Galway, Ireland, or the tiny Idaho town the governor calls home.

Entree options include the pub staple halibut and chips ($11.50), and just like at sister restaurant the Dutch Goose, the big hunks of flaky white fish are some of the best around. The handcut chunks are only lightly battered so diners don't end up with overwhelming piles of discarded fried breading. Bonus points for the beer-battered fries.

Sully's has a respectable list of intriguing sandwiches--including a tri-tip dip, barbecue pork loin and a roasted turkey that includes roasted red peppers and pepperjack cheese--but a recent daily special, the Malibu chicken sandwich ($8.50), was a construction project of a culinary concoction that had me gazing semi-longingly at my favorite dining companion's meal.

A grilled chicken breast was topped with a thick slice of grilled ham, a thicker slice of pineapple, lettuce, tomato and mayo, finished off with a heavy drizzle of teriyaki sauce. It was all sandwiched between slices of was called a hoagie roll, but the bread's artisan crust and airy interior seemed more like a baguette.

A constant drip of sauce did make the sandwich less than graceful to eat but somehow more satisfying. All the same, ask for some extra napkins.

Dinner items include steaks, chicken, salmon and even steamed clams, but the meal that perked my attention was the weekly Sunday brunch. With multiple versions of eggs Benedict, stuffed French toast, Guinness malt waffles and chicken-fried steak joining a menu of other breakfast favorites, it may mean I'll be setting my alarm early on Sunday mornings from now on.

--Deanna Darr thinks Guinness should be added to every dish.

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