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Sugar Sugar Ice Cream Sammies

Cookie-ice cream combos that are far from average


Ice cream suffers from a packaging problem. It comes crammed in boring containers, perched atop brittle cones or affixed to sticks. To make ice cream eating just a bit sweeter, Jen Rossetti began building homemade sandwiches.

"This is something I've always wanted to do," she said.

Rossetti daubed a creamy scoop of ice cream onto a chewy cookie, then placed another cookie on the other end. It took a while to nail the perfect cookie recipe—too brittle and it would break apart, too moist and it would droop.

The result is no ho-hum, paper-wrapped ice cream sandwich. Gourmet varieties include lemon blueberry ice cream between meringue cookies or guava cheesecake ice cream with gingersnap cookies. Rossetti offers five standby recipes, but can pair dozens of rotating ice cream varieties—like toasted coconut, basil with honeyed nuts or Idaho cherries with goat cheese—with cookie choices like chocolate chip, oatmeal, double fudge brownie, peanut butter or sugar.

"But I could probably make just about any request," she said.

In May, Rossetti and her business partner, Duree Westover, launched the Yak Shack, which slings chips, sodas, weekend barbecued fare and Sugar Sugar Ice Cream Sammies from its location near the Boise River Recreation Park and Idaho River Sports.

The shack will be open through Labor Day. However, the Sugar Sugar website allows for orders of ice cream sammies any time, available in dozen or half-dozen packs.