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Stuff on Eric P. Nielsen's Mind


In his first term, Bush managed to piss off virtually all the major powers in western Europe. In the first part of his second term, he sent Condi Rice over to make sure they stayed that way. Then earlier this month, they joined up as a tag team in Eastern Europe to piss off the major powers there. And now Bush comes home to push his nominee for ambassador to the United Nations, Bolton, through the Senate and piss off the rest of the world. Could be a hat trick in the making.

I've been following the development of that giant plane that the European consortium airbus tested recently. It can hold over 500 passengers at a time. Most of the criticisms I've heard is how are you going to get 500 people on and off on time? My response is that I still don't know how we can get over 1,500 high school students out of bed and into their seats at school on time every day, but it happens.

I've noticed a lot of bumper stickers that read "Bush/Cheney 04" are still hanging in there, mostly on gas-guzzling SUVs and noisy diesel pickups. Maybe they should add another sticker alongside that one that reads "What a mistake that was."

And now certain members of Congress want to pass a law to keep women in the armed forces out of combat situations. What do they want to do with these able women who volunteered to protect our country? Maybe put them in the mess hall, barefoot? What's next, camouflage burkas? I think we should come up with a synchronization program where the military can identify premenstrual women soldiers and field a PMS squad on the streets of Iraq. That could be reverse terrorism in action. I speak from experience, having one wife, three daughters, three sisters and one female dog (the only one I get away with calling a bitch).