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Study: Idaho Locked in 'New Normal' of Low-Wage Jobs, Financial Insecurity


According to a study released today from the Washington, D.C.-based Corporation for Enterprise Development, Idaho is locked in a "new normal" of low-wage jobs and financial insecurity.

The CFED survey evaluates 69 policy measures to determine how well (or poorly) states are addressing their resident's financial challenges. According to the report, 45.5 percent of Idaho households are "unable to build the savings needed to last even three months in the event of an emergency." Idaho's overall performance ranked 21st in the nation (down from 12th in 2015). 

Idaho received its lowest marks on education, ranking 37th, due in large part, the study stated, "to having the nation's lowest percentage of 3- and 4-year-olds enrolled in early childhood education programs. Idaho also ranked 41st and 42nd, respectively, when it came to the percentage of residents holding two- or four-year college degrees.

On the positive side, Idaho ranked high on the rate of homeownership—68 percent compared to a 63 percent nationally.

Read the complete report here.