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Studs In Season


Studs In Season

A stud horse worth an estimated $5,000 was gunned down on its home turf--pasture, more specifically--on September 13 in Nyssa, Oregon, 50 miles east of Boise. The horse did not immediately die, but was put down several days later because of injuries resulting from the shooting, according to Nyssa Undersheriff Brian Wolfe. Wolfe said that the police currently don't have any suspects, and aren't sure whether the incident was an accident or agricide most foul.

"Considering the area where this horse was, it may well have been an accident," Wolfe said.

Normally, crimes in Oregon don't qualify as BW True Crime page-worthy news. However, this horse was in Nyssa, and because, as BW showed last year (BW, "The Lure of the Lap," January 19, 2005), Nyssa has historically been a very popular destination for Boiseans, both for its old-fashioned A&W restaurant and for its full-nude strip club. Some readers have probably been to Nyssa enough times to have grown accustomed to seeing this particular horse--maybe even given it a name--and may not have heard the bad news.

Sorry, big fella(s).

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