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Strike Up the Band


It's all about music in downtown Boise this weekend and, as you'll notice, it's all about music in this edition of Boise Weekly.

Between the 15th annual Gene Harris Jazz Festival and the inaugural Treefort Music Fest, the city will be crawling with out-of-town musicians, and it's do-or-die time for the City of Trees' music scene, which was recently ranked the sixth best in the world. Yeah: No. 6.

So how the heck did Boise go from being the kind of place where not even the local daily newspaper's music writer had much interest in the scene to the kind of place the whole music industry seems to be watching? Luck? Talent? A piss-poor economy? Some unparalleled combination of them all? We think so, and New Media Czar Josh Gross tells that story in this week's edition.

Gross just returned from Austin, Texas, where he spent a week reporting on SXSW and the Boise showcase that went down at Vice Bar. If you've missed his blog posts, video reports and photo slideshows, log on to boiseweekly.com and click on the Treefort button. That'll take you to a page where his SXSW reporting is archived, as well an archive of our reporting on Treefort thus far.

Inserted into the print edition this week, you'll find a schedule for Treefort and a guide to Boise for the visitors among us. And in the issue proper, in addition to Gross' "Long and Winding Road," is a heap of music content--from the out-of-town bands you shouldn't miss to the locals we want everyone to know about.

Finally, during Treefort, we'll have a small army of reporters and editors attached to mobile phones, iPads and laptops, who will be documenting every move the festival makes via Twitter, Facebook and blog updates at Cobweb on boiseweekly.com. Want to know how crowded a venue is, how good or bad a show is, or where your favorite band is after partying? Follow us at @boiseweekly.com or Tweet-stalk any of the following staffers: @thejoshgross, @tarabreemorgan, @andrewcrisp or @AprilFoster10. You can also follow #Treefort.