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Punk Mondays at Liquid


The punk scene here in town is alive and well and some thanks should be given to Jeremy and Elizabeth, owners of Liquid, a semi-new bar in the old Funny Bone building. Punk Mondays have been a tradition for about four years—starting out at the Bouquet and about four months ago moving to Liquid. We caught up with some local heads on March 23 after The Ackbars and A New Agenda took the stage and tore it up and basically asked people:

Liquid owners Elizabeth and Jeremy. - JON METZ
  • Jon Metz
  • Liquid owners Elizabeth and Jeremy.

What do you think about Punk Monday's at Liquid?

Name: Joel Chamberlain

Age: 26

Occupation: Musician formerly with Wilt Chamberlain's Baby and now currently playing with his new band Roofied Resistance.

As opposed to the Bouquet, we really liked the Bouquet when it first started, it is kind of where we took off—a lot of bands that are playing at Liquid now took off from the Bouquet and now its a lot better. There is more of a showing here and the guys treat us like family around here.

I know you're kind of a staple of the punk scene here in town, and I was just curious how well rounded you were. Can you tell me Jay-Z's real name?

Jay-Z's real name? (Pause) I'm going to make something up, how about Jackass something or other? I don't know.

I'm sorry Joel the correct answer is Shawn Corey Carter.

I don't know. Whatever though, I still like Jay-Z.

What's up with the punk scene in Boise lately? Has it hit it's ceiling? Or is it coming back stronger?

It definitely fluctuates during the years—it's like the seasons. Kids will be dormant for like months on end and then you'll see a bunch of people that want to come down to the shows. In the winter time it seems like kids will hibernate almost and I'll see like 20 people at my shows but then in the spring and summer it gets more crowded. There are a lot of good bands coming through town right now—a lot of crazy shit has been going down.

Can we look forward to seeing Roofied Resistance here on a Monday?

Definitely, it will probably be one of our first shows, or maybe you can see us at the Knitting Factory soon.

Name: Cody

Age: 29

Occupation: Student

The scene is good down here, it's a good place for people to gather and socialize. It's cool to come down here and not only hear great music, but to also catch up with friends and find out about upcoming shows and new bands.

In terms of punk rock these days do you think The Offspring are the new Ramones for generations to come?

I don't think I would agree with that 100 percent. I don't have an opinion on that question.

Dumb question, I know. What about today's punk rock attire? You see any drastic changes in the near future in terms of dress code?

You are always going to have the traditional takes on it. They are mostly just spins, like myself for example, I don't really dress the part. In general people are pretty accepting. There is not as much prejudice as you think there might be. If a person's dressed like a jock or something it's not like they are all "who the f**k is this guy" you know what I mean? The experience I have had down here has always been good. It's all about attitude—not the way you dress.

Name: Ashley

Age: 22

Occupation: Bartender

I love it. I'm not from around here but it gives people a chance to experience new bands. It just so happens that I am friends with a lot of those people in these bands. So overall it is a great experience to watch them perform and experience new bands.

Is Liquid really helping the scene out?

It is a bit changed from where it used to be at The Bouquet, but I actually prefer this bar. You know they got good specials and it's a good place to see music.

How many pairs of Wranglers have you seen dudes rockin' tonight?

Like two or three?

Straight up huh? What do you think sexier on guys: Spiked leather belts or Carhartt snow-suits?

Spiked belts definitely! No Carhartts!

Name: Joe

Age: 25

Occupation: Singer for A New Agenda

How was playing at Liquid tonight?

It was all right, the guy that normally runs everything was out of town so tonight was a little messed up at first in terms of sound. We had a breaker blow during our set so that sucked. Overall though, it was good playing here. Since the Bouquet went under new management and they started doing punk Monday here I must admit it was the first time we actually played here.

You like the Liquid then?

It was a lot of fun despite the sound difficulty. It was a good crowd and it's great to have punk Monday back even though it's not the Bouquet, it still has been really fun.

Any stage diving tonight?

No stage diving, even though it's punk Monday it still draws a pretty mixed crowd and a little more mellow in terms of that kind of stuff.

You ever been stabbed by a Mohawk?

I stabbed somebody with my Mohawk a couple of years ago! (Laughter)

What works better for shaping the perfect hawk: Styling gel? Or Aqua Net?

It depends on your style of hair. I have really thin hair and actually had a Mohawk for three years so I would just use Aqua Net.

When can we see A New Agenda again?

We are opening for Funeral Dress at the Venue in April, I don't know the exact date but you should come check it out.

Right on, thanks man.

Name: Luke

Age: 30

Occupation: Developmental Disabilities Technician, Vocalist for St. Luke's Trauma

It depends on the night, but good so far. I really like the atmosphere, the atmosphere makes or breaks a show even if its the best show in the world. If you get an atmosphere of a bunch of preps you know—it's gonna piss some people off.

What are some of the best bands you've seen play here?

I would like to say mine, but that's probably not true (Laughter). The best bands I would say would be like Aces and Eights and A Thousand Effigies. As far as bringing this acoustic flair to punk Monday's Jimmy Sinn is great. Also look out for St. Luke's Trauma, my band will get pissed if I don't mention us—we played here last week.

Nice, if you had to choose between hanging out at Lush all day long with a suit and tie on VERSUS having to listen to 50 Cent all day long, what would you choose?

All day???


Can I control the volume on 50 Cent?


(Laughter) I would give the suit and tie a try at Lush I guess.

Spoken like a true champ, nice work man.

The Ackbars - JON METZ