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Street Spit: We Ask Why At CDI

A look at the Seventh Annual Carson David Ianson Memorial Quarter Pipe Classic


As most of you reading this know, the Treasure Valley folks have long since ditched their skis and snowboards and have replaced them with sandals and Segways. That can only mean that summer fever is in the air. Bogus, Brundage and Tamarack have been closed for the season for some time now. Most people have moved on to working on their tans and gardens. But for some die hard snowboarders, winter does not end as soon as the resorts close down. A week and a half ago, about a hundred or so snowboarders and spectators ascended upon Snowbank Mountain about an hour and a half outside of Boise, where the snow is still more than plentiful for the Seventh Annual Carson David Ianson Memorial Quarter Pipe Classic.

This three-day event brings folks from all over Idaho and other parts of the country together to snowboard a natural shaped quarter pipe (with the help from a few participants in the shaping and sculpting of it). Most of all, folks come together to celebrate the memory of Carson David Ianson, whose life was tragically taken while visiting Thailand in 2002. Event organizer, Corey McDonald, said that they use to joke about having a contest up at Snowbank, it's now in its seventh year.

I set off to the CDI Quarter Pipe Classic to snowboard my brains out as well as ask the other sunburned folks, "What brings you to the CDI Memorial this year?"

Name: Mark

Age: 26

Occupation: Fun guy/Future mayor of Caldwell

The whole reason why we're here is to honor the memory of Carson Ianson even though some of us haven't met him. I think this whole event would have been something he would be honored by.

How many folks would you say are at this event right now?

I'm thinking about a hundred or so, possibly.

I see that this event is mostly comprised of snowboarders? Are there any skiers around here at all?

You know there are a few skiers, but I think they're friends of snowboarders. All and all I think they're all snowboarders.

I noticed on your snowboard that you're pretty proud of being a 2C'er from Caldwell. [2C is the Canyon County license plate number.] Why are you so proud of being from what's known as the armpit of Idaho?

Well, you know that's just a speculation. If you go there you'll find out it has a very low crime rate per capita and that it was voted the 2nd best place in the nation to raise children in 2008.

(A look of skepticism.) Umm, are you sure about that one?

There's a plaque on city hall that says that, I saw it.

Have you ever thought about running for public office in Canyon County?

(Laughs.) When I'm older.

Nice Mark.

Name: Logan

Age: 11

Occupation: Student/Ripper

Having fun, it's a really chill session, you know.

What's your favorite thing about the whole event?

It's just fun basically; the whole thing.

Alright, so it's pretty fun, cool. What's your favorite snowboarding trick?


Why is that?

Because you can tweak it out all different ways.

Which trick do you think shouldn't be done in snowboarding these days?


That's rad Logan. May I ask, how does it feel to be a little ripper?

Really good, so fun.

Any sunburns since you've been here?

I got a little tan.

Do you plan to be back up here next year?

Oh yeah.

For as long as it's going?


Well, hey thanks a lot for the Q. & A. Have fun out there.


Name: Josh

Age: 24

Occupation: Sauté Chef/Outdoors man/Dad from Angela's Ashes

(Looking loaded.) Because of two cases of beer, two packs of cigarettes and two packages of hotdogs and I was like, "well, looks like I am going camping."

Are you an avid camper?

(Smiles, but doesn't say anything.)

Are you going to answer dude?

Yeah, yeah.

Never mind. I noticed that you hand's all taped up. What happened?

The wrong people escorted me through the woods. It was dark, I couldn't see nothin' and this rock came and hit me and I was like "ouch." I woke up in the morning and I had this big ol' thing on my hand. (Referring to his mangled hand.)

I overheard your friends saying your tent was all ripped up; did you rip your tent?

(Laughs.) I had to pee. I couldn't find the zipper and I was like, "ahhh."

(Laughing.) So, you decided to make your own door from out of your tent then?

(Laughs.) A wolverine did man.

Are you accident-prone?

No. (Friends start laughing around the campfire, and someone yells out, "he lies!") I actually think that God looks after me but I think I get myself into situations where I hurt myself a lot.

Who won the Spanish-American War?

(Puzzled.) American?

Your answer is "American?" Okay, if you're comfortable with your answer, so am I.


Tell me about your childhood.

Super soakers, Ninja Turtles, ice-skating, Vanilla Ice, rollerblading and the Eurythmics.

(Lets out a long sigh of amazement.) Oh...god. I could go in so many directions with that statement. How much alcohol have you consumed today?

(Laughs.) I don't know, seventeen and three quarters. (Laughs again.)

Wonderful. Do you think you will be up here next year?

Heck yeah, with the same people even.

Maybe you'll fall onto a campfire next year instead of rocks.

No, no. I don't fall onto fires, just rocks. (People start laughing.)

Wow, you rock Josh.

(Smiles and laughs.) It happens.

Name: Jeff

Age: 46

Occupation: Window cleaner/Good relations with Dylan.

I just got into a rut, every year after year; I just can't break free... so I'm here.

What is the CDI Memorial?

It's a memorial that we hope never gets lost in the whole deal. Carson Ianson passed away an untimely young death, 7 or 8 years ago, and so Corey McDonald started this up because they were best friends. It's a great way to honor him. Sometimes it gets lost in the fun, but everyone here has a great time and I think everybody that knew him misses him and still attaches that to it, so tons of fun. Blast of laughs for me, this is the last blast for me... I won't see snow hopefully until Halloween, most likely though Thanksgiving.

Do you think the general public in the Treasure Valley knows there is still snow in the mountains? Or are they just over it when Bogus closes?

Yeah as soon as the snow melts off the south side of the Boise front, everyone assumes that it's over. I talked to my neighbors and told them what I was doing this weekend and they were like, "What? Where are you going?" They thought I was going to Bachelor, in Bend.

Were you truly the first guy to do the Mt. Baker road gap? [It's a legendary jump that goes over the road leading to Mt. Baker Ski Area, the Holy Grail for Northwest snowboarders.]

(Pauses to think.) You know... that's a little fuzzy. Shawn Farmer and I back in the day, I wouldn't know other then that day if I did it first or not, but I think so- that's what has been said. I never had much luck with it, but I made it over.

Do you think skin cancer could be a problem for some people here today, in the future?

I have seen some pretty severe sunburns up here. So people better take precaution, like my interviewer- you've gotten past your golden glow. (Laughs.)

(Smiles, while turning red in the face, literally.) And I think we'll end there, thank you Jeff.

Name: Kolton

Age: 16

Occupation: Snowboarder/Mt. events lurker/Ladies enthusiast

I just wanted to hang out with my friends, snowboard and have a good time.

That's it?

That's it.

Where does one find a Jazzercise T-shirt?

At a local thrift store.

Do you think Ray Ban sunglasses are making a comeback or that everyone wearing them around is totally gay?

Everyone's totally gay.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

A bad thing.

I see. Have you gotten sunburned while up here?

You tell me.

Apparently you haven'

(Flippant tone.) Awesome.

What is your favorite part about this whole event?

(Lets out a long sigh.) I don't know; let me think about this one.

(Kolton's little buddy rudely interrupts.) "Kolton, how are we going to cook stuff tonight, I'm effing hungry?"

"With a fire."

(Frustrated.) "But we don't have a grill or anything."

You don't have a grill to cook stuff tonight?

We have a fire.

What are you going to cook on that fire?

(Kolton looks at his friend and asks if they have hotdogs- the reply is that they only have chili and chicken noodle soup in a can.) Soup.

Soup? You're going to cook soup on a fire?


How long does that usually take?

(Kolton seems more interested in the group of females standing by us than the interview.) I don't know, until it's really, really hot.

Are there a lot of hot girls up here?

Duh, and they all want me.

Why do all of them want you?

(Smiles.) Because, I'm sexy.

You're sexy? I see. How many numbers have you got?

Umm, probably six.

What do you want to get out of this event?

(Laughs.) Some babes!

(Smiles and laughs.) Totally.