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Street Spit: Treasure Valley Roller Girls bout

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On Wednesday, Feb. 25, Cell Block B took on The B Town Battalion in a down and dirty Treasure Valley Roller Girls bout. We decided the best way to get the right kind of interviews was to approach rowdy fans with the swell of a dip of Copenhagen chew and a photographer lurking nearby. Here's what some of them had to say when we asked them why watching Roller Girls is so much damn fun in something we're now calling Street Spit.

Name: Tiffany

Age: 27

Occupation: BLM employee

I enjoy watching the girls elbow each other.

So it's the violence huh?

Yes, I enjoy the girl-on-girl violence.

What would be one thing you would do to make this event better?

Yeah, if they could not actually get timed out when they do elbow each other. More violence.

Violence is good with fishnets?

Definitely. I would like them torn up. Is that chew you have on you?

Why, yes it is.

Can I have some chew? (Borrows a dip.) Thanks.

Name: Alex

Age: 32

Occupation: U.S. Forest Service

Just the fun that everyone was having, the athleticism the girls have---it's much more competitive than I would have realized.

More booze? Less clothing? More violence? What do you think would better things?

Some of that without letting it get out of hand. It still has that fun element without letting folks get out of hand and isn't trashy or low-brow or that sort of thing. It would be nice to see it on a banked wall style course they have in the stadiums.


Absolutely, of course whatever makes them comfortable before a game is fine.

Name: Danielle

Age: 28

Occupation: Realtor

I love Derby, I was skating with the girls a couple of years ago but I broke my leg and so eventually I hope to pick it back up. I am friends with everyone and it is a really fun sport. What I really love about Treasure Valley Roller Girls is a dedication that the girl did and it's really a grassroots thing that they started from the ground up. A bunch of women formed a L.L.C. and decided to kick ass take names and that's pretty rad.

Stylish elements you might add?

I think there should be a PR entertainment person, not on the sports side of it, but on the entertainment side of it. When you go to Portland, or Seattle for the really big bouts it seems like your going to a NBA game there is like smoke, and lights and slot machines, and people dancing. It's a huge production and when you go in there you just hear people screaming and going nuts.

I agree with slot machines.

More theatrics. We started out with mascots and I would really like to see a way to get the crowd more involved and excited here.

Name: Kirk

Age: 34

Occupation: Counselor

There is a lot of excitement and competition. They show a lot of athleticism and I like to watch girls dress up in skimpy outfits and hit each other.


I would like to see more teams. It seems like it is the same three teams that play every time. But really other than that it is great. I have been to every bout for the last ... probably two and half years and it has been a great time.

Name: Nicole

Age: 23

Occupation: Victim Services Specialist

I think it is a interesting sport and I really like watching it. It is really interactive and entertaining. They are amazing athletes.

Add-ons? Bonus section?

I think that the word needs to get out more. More exposure and more publicity for it, I think that it's a great thing and we definitely need a different venue. I think here [Expo Idaho] is too small, and I think if we got enough people coming we would be able to make it bigger.


Name: Cybil Disorder, member of The B Town Battalion

How was the match tonight?

Not the way I wanted it to go, but it was okay.

So I heard your skirt got ripped off in a bout a while ago? Tell us the story.

(Laughs) Well I started off wearing a skirt over this, but it got caught in Jill Dozer's [Devil Darlings Captain] skate in a bout along time ago and it ripped off in front of everyone. The crowd went wild. It's not a big lady hump you know what I mean? But the crowd still seem excited so I stuck with the look and thereafter before every match I would have a Velcro skirt I would rip off in front of the fans because it seemed like a crowd favorite last year. I couldn't pull that move off tonight, because a fan eventually wound up with the skirt and I never got it back. Now I just play the bouts in what you see here and its fun.


Name: Kat Ekizm, MC for tonight's bout

So how was being a MC at Roller Girls tonight?

It was good, I usually don't do this, but I figured I would help out tonight. I usually play with The Devil Darlings, but tonight I am helping Captain Ball Bearing MC the event.

If you had to grade yourself tonight?

I would give myself a C if I had to grade myself. I am not used to this and I was even really speaking into the microphone right off the bat—it took a while to figure out you had to put it right next to your mouth. I usually do better with my own team, and I also coach the fresh meat—the rookie girls who are just starting.

Josh, Matt, Jeremy, Dusty - PHOTO BY JAMES MCCLEOD