Street Spit: Skate Night at Gusto


Too Much Distortion presented Bone Dance, The Useless, The Ackbars and a 3-foot foot skate ramp at Gusto on Wednesday, Feb. 25. Every Wednesday night is a tradition for skate night at Gusto.

We caught up with some local skaters and bar patrons to get their take on skate night and the scene for this installment of Street Spit.


Name: Justin Cantrell

Age: 28

Occupation: Event organizer

So you are the reason for skate night?

Yeah, I mean I used to do it down at the Bouquet. I started it here almost a year ago in March down at the Bouquet and then they switched over to new owners and the new owner didn't want a ramp in his bar. So I went out venturing and while they were shut down for a month and a half or so I just set up the ramp wherever I could. I took the ramp down to Mardi Gras and did shows there. And eventually ... yeah ... I got in here [Gusto] and it worked out well. It is under Too Much Distortion Productions which I started which does skate night, booking of bands and my radio show.

So every Wednesday you take the ramp apart and put it up the next week?

Yeah. It's alright. I base skate night off of my radio show and try and spread the word, get good bands in here and give the skaters a ramp to skate.

What do you get out of it?

Uh ... I get free beer and pats on the shoulder.

Years Skating? I don't know, since I could put a knee down and push with the other leg?

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Name: Kelley

Age: 21

Occupation: Skateboarder

I like Gusto's because it is the only bar in town that has a mini-ramp around and we come down here on Wednesday's and shred—it's fun. I have been coming down here since he (Justin) started it—since I turned 21.

Years skating and hook-ups?

About 10 years. Prestige Skate Shop.

Name: Mike

Age: 28

Occupation: Work with children with disabilities.

It's great. I come and skate here every Wednesday night. The ramp is good and it is here consistently. There is a good vibe here for sure and you can watch live music and it is free to get in. It really seems like there is something for everyone here.

Name: Rebecca

Age: 22

Occupation: House renovator

I think skate night is really awesome. It is something they do on Wednesday nights, it's really fun. They have projected music videos, live music, a mini-ramp, video games, lots of people you know, or don't know, come down. It's a good crowd with a good vibe.

Mannee Kin's glamour shot - PHOTO BY JAMES MCCLEOD
Mannee Kin and Mike - PHOTO BY JAMES MCCLEOD

Name: Mannee Kin

Age: 21

Occupation: Cold hard distant stares

Skate night is super sick. I like watching Kelley bust out huge blunt kick-flip to fakies. Justin throwin' varial-flip rocks to fakie, James landing big backside D's, or Mike reverting out of pretty much every grind known. Just the usual skate stuff. To quote Biggie Smalls: "If you don't know, now you know."