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Street Spit: Free Comic Book Day


Sativa and her mouse, Winter. - PHOTO BY DYLAN METZ

Ramon Egusquiza, the high lord of the gang of gamers and co-owner of Outpost 12, held "Free Comic Book Day" on May 2 in the parking lot of his State Street store. Apparently "Free Comic Book Day" is a nationally recognized day where comic book vendors and other various book selling establishments pass out free comics to the masses. Egusquiza says, "It's not just for little kids, and that's what we are trying to promote."

This was obvious as we walked into the parking lot to witness LARPers, self-proclaimed geeks, anime enthusiasts and gamers in their full glory. We asked a simple question: What brought you out to "Free Comic Book Day?"

Darth Dan the landscaper. - PHOTO BY DYLAN METZ

Name: Dan "Darth Maul"

Age: 23

Occupation: Landscaper

I came down here to find other nerds and people who want hang out; those who do same things that I like to do.

It looks like to me all types of different fans have come here today.

It's anything you're a fan of. It's any kind of movies, comics, music or games that you're a fan of.

Let's say, I wanted to dress up like a wooly mammoth or whatnot. Then, could I still come down here?


Who would you say was the best dressed Star Wars character today?

I was in the running with Qui-Gon Jinn. [Jedi Master who trained Obi-Wan Kenobi.] He had the long hair and beard plus the costume. He looked the part.

He looked the part?

Definitely, and in August at Fandemonium [an annual convention in Idaho] we're going to do a cos-play. It's all Star Wars and we're going to have a huge light saber battle.

How does one mentally prepare for a giant light saber battle?

(Pauses.) Uh, it's like dancing with swords.

You're going to have to elaborate on that one.

It's like how you would choreograph a 'hip-hop' dance. You get your eight counts down. You know, where your feet are moving while your hands are moving and hopefully, you don't hurt the other person.

Anna of the Teddy Ruxpin clan. - PHOTO BY DYLAN METZ

Name: Anna

Age: 16

Occupation: Student

It's a big day for nerds,and we handed out free comic books. So, that's about it!

So, Anna, why are you dressed as Teddy Ruxspin?

(Looks confused.) Originally, I was a monkey in random clothing. Earlier, they had a light saber battle and so I stole one of the guy's cloak-thingys. I put it on, and so I got called a Ewok.

Oh, OK, so you're an Ewok.

I'm a Ewok for now, at this point.

I have to ask: Usually, this is sort of a male-dominated thing. Are you kind of trying to blaze a trail for girls here or what?

Well, the way that I see it, being a geek isn't dominated by gender. It's more of who you are as a person. I hang out down here because I'm more into anime and like, comic books and Dracula. Pretty much my family is down here.

What's a Malkavian? [according to Wikipedia, Malkavians are "a fictional clan of vampires from White Wolf Game Studio's books."]

What's a Malkavian? That, I'm not entirely sure of...

Do you own any type of wizard staff or robe?


The game is never over. - PHOTO BY DYLAN METZ

Name: Jeff

Age: Too old

Occupation: Adventurer/full-time geek/E.D.S. IT support/Indiana Jones/whip whipper

Honestly, this is the first year I've actually ever heard of it, to be honest. I learned a little bit more about it, and you know what? It is an awesome thing. It gets people interested in comics and whatever else. You get dressed up and have a good time.

Why are you dressed as a cowboy today?

(Pauses.) Not a cowboy, I'm the man with the hat! If adventure has a name, well, I'm supposed to be that guy. [Jeff is dressed as Indiana Jones}

Why are you carrying a bull whip?

Because, I can! You have to love Idaho. I have a new respect for Idaho now.


My other friends have gone into stores. They carry knives and guns on them. I went into a couple of businesses packing this thing, and nobody says, "Boo!"

Quite frankly, you're giving me the heebie-jeebies right now, Jeff.

Well, no, you see we were goofing around about a week or so ago. My friends were showing off, and I was showing off. Anyway, we go next door to Smoky Davis to get something to eat. Everybody acted is if it were the most normal thing in the world. Only in this country can you do something like this.

Earlier I overheard you say you were single. This leads us to our next question: How many people here do you think have E-Harmony accounts?

I've tried them and, in three or four months, the only thing I ended up with was coming up a $150 lighter.

I thought it was free though?

Yeah, but If you want to read someone's profile ... Yeah, I've tried them and I was not impressed.

Well, thanks for the interview, man.

You bet, thanks for coming out and supporting us.

Name: Devin Spearwalker

Age: 21

Occupation: Comic book store security/employee

Basically, it's the comic book industry reaching out to its customers. It's more than "Look we printed this; buy it." Instead, it's "Hey, look. We care about you guys and we want to give something back. You guys have been supporting us since our first comic book came out in 1962." So, that is why they do this, and it really helps out independent comic shops. On the East Coast you've got chain stores that own 50 or 60 shops in five states. Here, it's us and a few other people. Things like this really boost our "face time" with the general public. We will get people to come in here who normally would never set foot in a comic shop.

How much caffeine do you think was consumed here today?

(Pauses.) Let's see, I've seen 28 empty 16-ounce Rock Star cans. I know that next door [a convenience store[ they've sold three flats of Mountain Dew regular, one of Code Red and one of High Voltage. I help stock their cooler every once in a while. Aside from that? I don't even know how many frappuccino's I've probably seen today. I would say at this point and time, upwards of around 130 grams total [150,000 milligrams].

One hundred and thirty grams?

That's enough to kill a bull elephant. [Note: The average cup of Joe has about 90 to 150mgs of caffeine. I guess they know more about killing pachyderms than I do.]

Do you think these types of events are also a sort of a way that maybe male and female fans can get the chance to meet one another? If you know what I mean?

Not necessarily. A lot of fans, regardless of what they are fans of, are generally nice, outgoing people. Not the stereotype of the fan that is like some little freak in the closet giggling over a new comic. It does, however, increase the chances of somebody meeting the right person since you've got a wider variety of people in one location.

What level dungeon master are you?

I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons since I was six. I would say close to Gygex, but not quite there.

The game is never over. - PHOTO BY DYLAN METZ

Name: Sativa

Age: 28

Occupation: Hippie polar bear or some shit/mouse owner

Fun! Lots and lots of fun! Everybody makes me feel normal. (Laughs.)

You're not planning to eat that mouse are you? (Points to the mouse perched on her shoulder.)

Maybe, no. I might eat her kids though.

Is that because you're dressed like a polar bear right now?

No, I'm the kitty. I'm actually a kitten in disguise.

Is there going to be an after party somewhere? Are you guys going to throw back some mojitos or what?

Well, hopefully not. If there's anything, it will probably something going on at Mary's and Devin's or over at Borneo's or something. We'll probably hang out here till like 12 o'clock at night or something.

What would you like to say to people who make fun of comic book fans, anime fans, LARPers, RPGers, gamers or whatever?

(Sticks out her tongue.) Thbbpppthhhhhhhhhhhh!

Thanks for your time.

You're welcome.

Jeff, the cowboy Casanova. - PHOTO BY DYLAN METZ

Outpost 12 owner, Ramon Egusquiza. - PHOTO BY DYLAN METZ

Boise's infamous Hulk. - PHOTO BY DYLAN METZ