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Street Spit: Banksgiving Rail Jam


On Friday, March 13, the inaugural "Banksgiving Snowboard Rail Jam" in Banks, Idaho, took place. The event consisted of a snowboarding/skier contest on handrails set up in the landing area below Banks, a Thanksgiving dinner and plenty of beer and prizes for all involved.

Snowboarders, skiers and off-season kayakers made the pilgrimage from Boise to Banks to check out the festivities. BW covered the event and got some takes from both competitors, and spectators who all were stoked that such a thing was possible in this small Idaho town.


Name: Donna

Occupation: Banks store and cafe manager, master chef of the Banksgiving feast.

This has got to be a little different for you, how's Banksgiving treating you?

I will be glad when it is beer time (Laughs).

You pretty excited about the whole idea?

I'm impressed by the turnout of people who showed up. I didn't if all this work was going to be worth it or not you know?

You're the mastermind behind this wonderful dinner?


What can we look forward to eating?

The standard Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, dressing, potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole with real French fried onions on top and homemade dinner rolls.

What do you think of the crowd here tonight? Good Kids? Or little demons of a deviant nature?

(Laughs) They are behaving very well. Yes, they are behaving very well. I think it's great. I really do. How many knew where Banks really was?

Name: Bailey

Age: 28

Occupation: Art director for Banks Magazine

So this was sort of your idea?

Well Banksgiving was sort of my idea, and started out as a joke—we were all about to get unemployed at Tamarack and we thought we were going to have this party called "Franksgiving" that was going to be all hotdogs and corndogs on a platter, and like maybe a rail jam. But since Banks is our home in the summer [as a raft guide] we decided to come here and call it Banksgiving and have turkey and just bring the rails down here to Banks.

Is this going to be an annual event?

You know we are just taking it minute by minute. It's just starting to kick off so I think it would be cool if it became an annual thing.

You think the Banks cafe should loop a NFL game to give it that unique November feel?

That's the thing, we're missing the rivalry of the Redskins and the Cowboys, but again you got to break out of the normal holiday spirit so why not have Thangsgiving in March or whenever.

Name: Corey McDonald

Age: 34

Occupation: Jump builder/rail technician/local legend

You put a lot of hard work into this thing. Are you happy with the results so far?

It turned out pretty good. Looks like we got a lot of people that showed up.

Have you seen some good tricks go down tonight?

Yeah for sure, A.J. Ogden is going bonkers.

Sickest trick you've seen so far?

Umm, pretty much ... pretty much everything A.J. is doing.

Did you get some free dinner for putting this thing on?

Yeah. It was great.

Should this be an annual event?

Yeah I think it should be. Good crowd for sure.

Anything witty or wacky you want to throw in for all the Corey Mac fans out there in cyberspace?

Nah. (Laughs)

What about the skiers who showed up?

They are really colorful. You can't miss them. Their outfits win.

They should win a prize for that then?

Yeah, definitely.

Name: Justin

Age: 18

Occupation: Professional skier

Sponsors: Subaru, Solomon Ski's, Smith Optics, One Ball Jay and Scott poles.

Dude, you had a great year. Tell us about your standings.

I got first place in National Qualifier for Super Pipe, and will be competing in the Super Pipe National Championship on April 5.

So not being a stranger to big time events, how do you rate Banksgiving?

It's sick! Probably the most fun I have had at an event all year. Good crowd, good people, a lot of rippers; I just wish there were more skiers here. It's a sick set-up, and a sick idea. The turkey dinner was good, and we are out here throwing down. What else could you ask for?

So should this be an annual event?

It definitely should be an annual event because it's really fun. Maybe just get a little more advertising for it, because I just heard about it today while I was up shredding Bogus.

Name: Logan

Age: 23

Occupation: Bogus Basin Terrain Park supervisor, Bikes 2 Boards sales rep

How's Banksgiving treating you?

It is awesome up here. It's a good party.

You're the terrain park guy at Bogus. Did you guys bring your park here?

No, these are actually Corey McDonald's personal rails that he hooked up for this rail jam.

Is the rail set up tonight better than the one Bogus has?

I would say yes (laughs). Probably by far.

How do you like the Thanksgiving theme?

Well you need more than one Thanksgiving a year. You got to do it several times a year. I'm going to miss watching the Cowboys play, but who cares. The Steelers are better.

Name: Brent

Age: 33

Occupation: Bear Valley raft guide/Snowboarder

What do you think about this event?

Well I was a little skeptical at first. I wasn't sure if it was going to just be brick-ice up here or what, but these guy's really made it happen. Everyone threw down, brought up a lot of rails, and there is a good turnout so it's cool for sure.

What's the best trick you've seen so far?

Corey's stall on the box was pretty rad, and A.J. is always doing some pretty rad butters over the rails.

How's the Banksgiving dinner?

Delicious. Really good. I was grubbing.


Name: A.J.

Age: 22

Occupation: Snowboarder

Sponsors: Newt & Harolds and Smith Optics

It's been a great event you know, Banks, Idaho in the summer is always a hotspot. Like all of Southwest Idaho comes up here for the whitewater in the summers. When I heard they were doing a winter event here with Corey donating his rails from Planet (Planet Snowtools Rails) and everything, and all the Banks whitewater dudes doing what they do up here but in the winter. It brings a whole new vibe. All the winter kids can come up to Banks and do their thing.

So it should be an annual event?

Definitely. It couldn't get any better you know? Come down to the river beach, rides some rails and eat a turkey dinner you know? Just hanging out with friends up here. It doesn't get any better than that.

Name: Brittany

Age: 24

Occupation: Bogus Basin mountain events

How's the contest going, Brittany?

It's pretty rad. I was a little nervous because I've never personally competed in a rail jam, but it was actually set up really well and fun. I get to hang out with a lot of my friends and co-workers (from Bogus) and had some fun competing. The setup is good, considering the time, and rails that they had to work with.

So would you come up here next year if it happened again?

Most definitely.

What's the best trick you saw tonight?

I'm not good with all the trick names, but A.J. threw down, Chris threw down, and the other girl Dylan who competed did really well. I don't know all the technical names for the tricks right off hand, but it was cool.

A.J. Ogden, Jacob St. John,Chris Fowler - PHOTO BY JON METZ


Men's snowboarding: First Place, Jacob St. John; Second Place, Chris Fowler; Third Place, A.J. Ogden

Women's snowboarding: First Place: Dylan Sifford, Second Place: Brittany Grainger

Men's Skiing: First Place, Justin Washam (only competitor).

Banskgiving feast - PHOTO BY JON METZ

Dylan and Brittany - PHOTO BY JON METZ

Jacob St. John - PHOTO BY JON METZ