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Strand of Oaks Come to Boise

Thursday, Nov. 17 at Neurolux


Strand of Oaks is the solo project of Philadelphia's Timothy Showalter, who writes sincere, introspective indie folk. Although he often draws comparisons to other bearded outsiders like Sam Beam, Bon Iver and Jim James, Showalter's music has a uniqueness to it. His debut album, 2009's Leave Ruin, was written in the aftermath of a terrible house fire and a messy breakup.

On his sophomore album, Pope Killdragon, Showalter adds mild synthesizers alongside his acoustic folk, giving the music more atmosphere and mystery. Pitchfork called the album "an astoundingly original twist on the loner-folk template."

His live shows are intimate affairs, with Showalter onstage all by his lonesome, surrounded by a swath of guitar pedals. This show won't be a party but promises to be a passionate and heartfelt delivery of brooding folk from an excellent singer-songwriter.

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