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Story, Story Night: True stories, told live on stage, without notes. Boise style.


Public radio listeners have likely heard the following line: "True stories, told live on stage, without notes." It's the concept behind the popular series The Moth, a live storytelling forum in New York City that is frequently re-broadcast on This American Life and The Moth Radio Hour.

Now, aspiring Moth contributors and audience members no longer have to flutter to the Big Apple. Alley Repertory Theater, the Boise State Story Initiative and the Cabin present Boise's own version of The Moth--Story Story Night. The initial event was an invite-only premiere at Sun Ray Cafe in Hyde Park, which included a handful of media folks and Boise State faculty, along with local artists and writers.

Three guest storytellers took the stage to each tell a five-minute tale. One described the tense time her Midwestern boyfriend visited her family in Hawaii and faced the awkward wrath of the disapproving locals. Another spoke of camping in a remote area of Vancouver Island, B.C., just days before a crippling heart attack. And the final guest guiltily told a story of choosing to hit the slopes rather than help a cocky neighbor who he watched get in a skiing accident.

After the guest speakers wrapped up, the audience was asked to submit ideas for on-the-spot story time. The theme "worst job" was plucked from the pile, and Alley Rep members Hollis Welsh and Jessica Holmes grabbed the mic to recount bad job experiences--Holmes worked on the line at an Alaska fish cannery when she was 19 (yikes) and Welsh unknowingly showed up to a fantasy porn warehouse in Los Angeles for a speaking role in a soft-core film (double yikes).

The first official all-ages Story Story Night will premiere publicly at the Linen Building Gallery on Monday, April 26, at 7 p.m. The theme is "Busted! Stories about getting caught in the act," and the event will keep the same format.

Monday, April 26, 7 p.m., $5, Gallery at the Linen Building, 1402 W. Grove St., 208-385-0111,