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Story Story Late-Night Plumbs Depths of Boise Excess

Monday, June 24


Story Story Late-Night knows what you did last night, and it wants everyone else to know it, too.

Monday, June 24, Story Story Late-Night welcomes all those bold, humiliating and socially unacceptable experiences hiding in the gross underbelly of Boise's collective psyche to the Visual Arts Collective stage. Every morning-after, every regret-filled encounter and nearly-blacked-out pick-up line made fuzzy by a hard night's drinking are fair game.

The theme for the evening is "excess," and Late-Night regulars expect nothing less.

Guest host Dylan Haas is slated to introduce the event's theme with a provocative, unbelievably daring story to break the ice. Following Haas, the floor opens to any audience member courageous enough to bare his or her soul.

Not only are these willing participants revealing their most excessively true stories, unscripted, to a room full of strangers, but their tales are also accompanied by a house musician irreverently strumming along.

Prizes are awarded to the bravest of the brave, those unafraid to go there.

Due to its mature content, Story Story Late-Night is definitely not the place for kids, great-aunts or visiting relatives. It's a strictly 21-and-older scene where the shy and shameless alike can release their inhibitions in a judgment-free environment.

Story Story Late-Night is the R-rated comedy of open mic nights, as awkwardly freeing an experience as reading Cosmo in public or going commando for the first time.