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Stories Worth Telling: Unlocking the Past



Since at least 2010—when The New Yorker thought to ask the question, "Why Are Americans Mad About Genealogy?"—digging up your ancestral roots has been considered among the fastest growing hobbies in the U.S. Part of the reason we care so much about tracing our lineage, according to The New Yorker, could be that so many of us come from immigrant families who intentionally scrubbed their past lives in favor of a new, American one. Whatever the case, millions of Americans are eager to learn from whence they came. If you're among them, check out Stories Worth Telling: Unlocking the Past at the Collister Library in Boise. All you have to do is bring the name of an ancestor you're curious about and you'll learn the first steps toward building your family history using census and military records, ship manifests and immigration records.

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