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Stock Up on Winter Soup-plies

Before hitting the slopes, grab some soup to-go


Let's face facts. That sandwich you pack for yourself when you head up to Bogus is going to end up as smooshed and unsatisfying as the Powerbar you were considering eating to replace it. You could stop by the cafeteria but you don't want to blow past your hot dog quota before you get a chance to hit Sixth and Main on Saturday night. When you're out in the snow all day, you want something hot, nourishing and backpack safe. To that end, we recommend a thick and hearty soup--which will retain its shape and flavor in a thermal container despite the gnarliest of faceplants.

Here are some of Boise's super soup spots with convenient to-go options.

A'Tavola, 1515 W. Grove St., 208-336-3641,

Fancy market A'Tavola rocks some serious soups in its grab-and-go case. The selection of house-made soups is rotated daily, including offerings like pork chili verde, marsala mushroom and white bean prosciutto. Those soups are sold cold in 32-ounce plastic jugs that you can heat up, throw in a thermos and schlep up the mountain with you. The price varies depending on the soup, but most of the 32-ounce containers are $9.99.

The Boise Co-op, 888 W. Fort St., 208-472-4500,

The Boise Co-op has a rotating array of house-made soups often utilizing organic and local ingredients, anything from spiced winter vegetable to turkey and wild rice. Four hot soups are available daily in 8-, 16- and 32-ounce to-go cardboard containers for $3.99, $4.99 and $8.99 respectively, and more flavors are available in the cold case for reheating. And even better, if you bring in your own thermos, the Co-op will knock a quarter off the price.

Jenny's Lunch Line, 106 N. Sixth St., 208-433-0092,

Because of its limited hours--11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Monday-Friday--Jenny's Lunch Line isn't the most convenient place to pick up a to-go soup to take to the mountain. But the rotating menu of house-made delights like Greek tomato, Thai chicken and autumn pumpkin are worth it. And though Jenny's isn't open to grab a thermos-full on weekends, if you stop by on a Friday, you can pick up a frozen 32-ounce container for $5. Those often disappear quickly.