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Still Working


Here at Boise Weekly, we haven't been spending our time debating whether our Beijing-esque air quality or the birds-falling-from-the-sky cold is worse.

Nope, despite the conditions outside, we've been working diligently to keep you abreast of what's fresh and hot. From hard news about the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality's allegedly soft-handed treatment of Idaho's dairymen, to previews of wintry events at the McCall Winter Carnival, to music, movies and more, BW has the breadth and depth of coverage you expect and deserve.

This week's Citizen, Mike Ferguson of the Idaho Center on Fiscal Policy and Idaho's former chief economist, makes a plea for better financial stewardship of public education.

In News, BW freelancer Carissa Wolf found environmental watchdogs who are wary of a memorandum of agreement between the DEQ and the Idaho Dairy Association outlining a regime of information and research sharing between the two organizations that some critics believe may undermine regulatory efforts.

Our feature story is sure to give you something to think about. Idaho's HIV/AIDS disclosure law--which imposes hefty prison sentences on carriers of the disease who fail to disclose their status to sex partners--was cobbled together in the 1980s, when anxiety over the virus bordered on panic.

Today, some experts contend that Idaho's disclosure law no longer reflects the best scientific research on the disease and potentially discourages people from determining their HIV status.

BW is also looking ahead and could use a little help from the Treasure Valley's eateries and watering holes. On the docket for April is our Restaurant and Bar Guide but for that to go off without a hitch, we need the most accurate location and contact info available. If your favorite restaurant has changed locations or your bar has a new website, please forward the new information to calendar@boiseweekly.com.