Still BOBbing Along, 10 Years Later

Boise's best, from back in 1997

Man, are you ever unoriginal, Boise.

Think about some of the winners in various categories from 10 years ago.

Best weatherman? Scott Dorval.

Best TV Station? Channel 7.

Best People-Watching? Alive After Five.

Best Sandwich? Cobby's.

Back in 1997, Brent Coles was mayor and not quite headed for controversy yet. The Boise State Broncos were hot—but it was the tennis team, not the football guys, that were good. Phil Batt was governor, dealing with a controversy about Idaho prison inmates who rioted in a privately run prison in Louisiana, where they were shipped to relieve overcrowding in Idaho jails.

Here at BW, David Madison was editor, and a certain Nicole LeFavour was staff writer. Other contributors on the masthead at the time included some guy named Cope, Jill Kuraitis, John Rember, Mark Seeley, Stephen Stuebner and Perry Swisher.

The lead story of the July 31 "Best of Boise" issue was titled "Boise State's Awkward Adolescence." The story, written by former BW Associate Editor Andrew Putz, was about the successful $74,000 settlement Norma Sadler won in a sexual discrimination case against the university.

"Boise State is in its youth. We're only 66 years old. That's a little kid as far as universities go. We're going through all the growing pains that a little kid goes through," said Boise State President Charles Ruch, who obviously wasn't as adept at hyping his school as a certain Bob Kustra.

The issue went to a whopping 48 pages.

Other winners from the issue:

Best news anchor: Dee Sarton

Best radio station: 100.3X

Best Place to Ride a Bike: the Greenbelt

Best Breakfast: Elmer's

Best Lunch: Brick Oven Beanery

Best Hamburger: Red Robin

Best Bar: Blues Bouquet

Best Pizza: Flying Pie

Best Rock Band: House of Hoi Polloi

Best Place to Dance: Emerald Club

Best Concert: Metallica

—Shea Andersen

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