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Stick 'Em Up, Doctor's Orders


In Montana, James S. Bischoff was only accused of being a bad doctor. In Idaho, he's considered nothing short of a gun-toting highwayman.

Bischoff, 47, scandalized Big Sky Country last year when he was charged with negligent homicide for helping 85-year-old Kathryn Dvarishkis get to the other side, so to speak. He called the lethal injection he gave Dvariskis, which caused her to have a fatal heart attack, a "mercy killing." Her family didn't agree. Bischoff later agreed to serve two and a half years in prison (out of a possible 20) for the crime, as well as for the crime of prescribing 32,000 doses of Oxycontin, Adderal and other controlled substances that he couldn't account for when asked to by Drug Enforcement Administration officials last year. (The administration's take on where the pills went: Munch munch... glug glug ... Hello there, Cheshire Cat.)

But that's all Montana news. We're only interested in the charges against Bischoff on this side of the Continental Divide. Over here, prosecutors say Bischoff dropped the "health professional" facade and simply walked into a Rexburg bank wearing ski goggles and brandishing a handgun. And what's even better, he allegedly did it while he was out on bail from the other crimes. Yee-haw, welcome to the Gem State. Bischoff has pleaded innocent to the charges, and is waiting for trial in Madison County jail on $750,000 bail.