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Stephanie Schneiderman


Stephanie Schneiderman, member of Pacific Northwest girl group Dirty Martini, is stirring up a mellow buzz out on the road with her new solo album Dangerous Fruit--a cocktail of pop, trip hop, soul, electronica and folk. Schneiderman's appealing soft and flowery voice glides along ambient electronica courtesy of her partnership on her new album with renowned electronic musician/producer/DJ Keith Schreiner.

The talented singer/songwriter has five solo albums under her stylish belt--Stephanie Schneiderman (1999), Unbelievably Unbroken (2001), Fall Sessions EP (2001), Touch Down (2004) and Live at Kung Fu Bakery (2005)--and has collaborated with the likes of Hall and Oates, Five For Fighting, Ben Taylor and Chicago.

She has also landed a few bit parts in movies, including a small role in Men of Honor, starring Robert De Niro and Cuba Gooding Jr., and her music has been featured on various television shows. She most recently contributed her music and her presence to the Profile Theater Project's encore production of the hit Broadway musical The Full Monty.

Schneiderman is also the founder of the Portland, Ore., concert series Voices for Silent Disasters that raised $60,000 in 2007 for Mercy Corps, an organization that helps communities in northern Uganda.

8 p.m., $2, The Reef, 105 S. Sixth St.,