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Step Brothers


This movie is lowbrow. It has cheap laughs, juvenile humor and features two grown men acting like little boys. And try as I might to be horribly disappointed by this film, I couldn't help but laugh repeatedly throughout it.

Brennan Huff's (Will Ferrell) mom and Dale Doback's (John C. Reilly) dad have just gotten married, creating a modern piecemeal American family. Too bad Brennan and Dale are 39 and 40, respectively, and still living with their newlywed parents. Even that wouldn't be so bad if the two manchildren didn't take an immediate dislike to one another and battle for control of the house. Seems it might take teaming up to beat someone they both hate to bring these two together before they tear the new family apart.

It's disappointing to me that Ferrell keeps playing mentally-stunted characters when he proved he could be much more in 2006's Stranger Than Fiction. Reilly, however, has done such a variety of character work in his career that when he dumbs down a role, he still shines. In fact, Reilly, much as he did in the pair's first work together in Talladega Nights, really upstages Ferrell at his own game.

Truthfully, you can't call this a good movie. When you see the now-formulaic use of fighting, swearing and male genitalia, it's giggle-inducing, but it's really not all that inspiring. I know a lot of people love this kind of no-brain humor, but to those who expect a higher standard, this title's only just above-average.

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