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STEM Matters Day

Wednesday, Jan. 23, Idaho State Capitol


Recent congressional hearings of tech executives may have come up short on probing data safeguards, but they proved one thing without a doubt: the largely gray-haired body of U.S. elected officials is a bit behind when it comes to technology. STEM Matters Day, which is coming to the Idaho Statehouse on Wednesday, Jan. 23, may help a bit. A press release revealed that in addition to packing the Capitol's first, second and fourth floors with STEM-related activities for children, one of the highlights of the day will be "kids teaching lawmakers how to code, explore virtual reality, design electronic circuits with Play-Doh and interact with robots and drones." When they're not busy clueing in the grownups or checking out the latest STEM marvels, kids can also get a peak at a LEGO Moon Rocket, tour high-tech emergency vehicles and more.