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Steely Dan Plays Idaho Botanical Garden

Sunday, Aug. 11, Idaho Botanical Garden


This week, it's all about the over-40 set. While the young 'uns are rockin' out somewhere, those who've gone gray will be headed to the Idaho Center for the Steve Miller Band (Listen Here, Page 21) or unpacking picnics and unfolding lawn chairs at Idaho Botanical Garden, waiting for the unmistakable sounds of Steely Dan.

Founders Donald Fagen and Walter Becker have been playing together for nearly 50 years. Their unmatched ability to take hypnotic harmonies, hooky melodies, unexpected timing and a fusion of pop, R&B, funk and jazz makes for music so easy to listen to, it can be atmospheric. But a closer listen--which you can have live and in person on Sunday, Aug. 11—reveals a whole world of Steely Dan characters and places.