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State of the State Speech


Hey, have you heard? There's like, record unemployment, people don't pay taxes anymore, and the gov'ment is too big and does stuff like test our drinking water, sometimes, or pay hospital bills for homeless people. But that's why we have political leaders like Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter, who, each year, sets the tone for Idaho's lawmakers as they arrive in Boise for the annual legislative session with his PowerPoint-assisted State of the State speech. It's always an event, but this year it will be extra special because it's back in the renovated Idaho State Capitol building. (You may recall that Butch complained about the cost of the renovation in his first State of the State and tried, unsuccessfully, to kill the project.)

In the speech, the governor tells legislators and the public what his plans are for the coming year. Last year, he planned a big overhaul of road funding and liquor laws, neither of which happened. His plans this time around are top secret until hours before the big speech, so stay tuned. If you are not an out-of-work National Guardsman widower or homebuilder invited to sit in the VIP galleries and wait for your shout-out from the guv, you can always watch the speech at or follow our live blog at

Monday, Jan. 11, 1 p.m. FREE, Idaho Capitol, House of Representatives chamber. Limited seating in public gallery.