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Starfucker, May 21, Neurolux


Pyramiddd is dddone. On Thursday, May 13, Portland's Pyramiddd announced on their Myspace page that they were changing their name back to the deliciously profane Starfucker.

"So, yes, it was a long winter. We're back out and Pyramiddd is dead and buried (except for our Facebook profile, which we're working on), and a West Coast tour is ahead of us."

In an interview with the Portland Mercury in September 2009, the bouncy indie synthtronica group explained why they decided to take submissions from fans for a new name.

"The name has been a problem for us in a lot of ways. We've missed out on opening slots with bands we really like, and we hope to tour Europe soon where there is already a Starfucker."

Name-change brouhaha aside, the more exciting news from these dudes is they've got two new side projects--Fake Drugs and Skeletron--and they're embarking on a West Coast tour. On Friday, May 21, the dance popsters will swing back into Boise for a show at Neurolux with locals Vagerfly. Fuck, yeah.