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Star-News: McCall Approves Private Lakeside Club Over Neighbors' Objections


  • Art Robers, Wikimedia Commons
  • Payette Lake, McCall.

In spite of some neighbors' objections, the private Whitetail gated community has been given the green light from McCall city officials to move forward with its plans to build a lakefront club.

This week's McCall Star-News reports the McCall City Council unanimously approved a request to rezone the land in order for Whitetail developers to build the private club, west of Shore Lodge, on the shore of Payette Lake.

Neighbors had urged city officials to turn down the request, fearing noise from the club would disturb their own lakeside experience.

The Star-News reports Whitetail members insist their club with be a "safe, sane and enjoyable place for them and their kids," adding they had "no interest in this becoming some drunken party scene."

After granting the rezoning approval, McCall Mayor Jackie Aymon told neighbors they should call the police "for future noise complaints."