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Star Anna, June 7, The Bouquet

Sobering up


When a song opens with the deep, melancholy strains of a cello, it's often a warning: The song you are about to hear covers some serious stuff. That theory is borne out in "Annie"--the first track on The Sky Is Falling (April 2014, Big Bubba Dog), the new digital-only release from Washington-based Star Anna. And whether it's a more rocking tune, a horn-drenched song or a quiet guitar piece, Anna continues to deliver difficult truths.

"The Sky Is Falling is an album about getting sober," Anna writes in the album notes. "It's about letting go and moving forward. It's not a Laughing Dogs record, and it's not quite a solo record either. ... Though these songs were recorded before Go To Hell [2013, Sparkle & Shine Records], the album seemed too tender and self-reflective to come out on the heels of my band breaking up. ... Now that the dust has settled from the road bumps of the last few years, I feel ready to put The Sky Is Falling out into the world."