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Stand-Up Comedian Bob Zany

Thursday-Sunday, Feb. 15-18


Known by many from "The Zany Report" segment on the The Bob and Tom Show radio program, comedian Bob Zany has been honing his unique, engaging style from the first time he did stand-up in 1977 at age 16, through the hundreds of shows he does every year across the country. He can find the funny in anything, and he isn't afraid of being edgy—but doesn't cut too deep. He said one of the biggest sins in comedy used to be picking a political side. That's not the case anymore, but there are still drawbacks.

"You run the risk of pissing off half the country," Zany said. "Trump can be made fun of—he's the president, he should be—but when it's just pure hate, that's not funny. For me, I'm there to entertain. I always like to say, 'I'm here to make you forget about your problems by creating new ones.'"