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Stall assaulter still at large


Boise Police are still searching for a man who brazenly attempted to rape a woman in a downtown bar on the night of Tuesday, February 24. According to witnesses, the suspect perched in a stall in the Hangar Bar on Main St. and attacked the woman when she entered the restroom. The woman, however, was more than able to defend the ladies' room from invasion, and sunk her teeth and fingernails into the foolhardy assailant's arms and face. He quickly fled the bathroom and sprinted into the street with his face shredded and a deep scratch over one eye.

Upon hearing what had transpired in the loo, a pair of noble bargoers gave chase to the fleeing coward. They were able to detain him for a short time, but he broke free and was last seen running on Front St. toward Broadway Ave. Witnesses described the suspect as a white man in his 20s or 30s, five feet, 10 inches tall and approximately 200 pounds. He has a muscular upper body, short brown hair and was wearing a green Old Navy baseball cap and black slip-on shoes.

Boise detectives describe this attack as bold and brazen, and have alerted law enforcement agencies throughout the region. Anyone with information is urged to call Boise Police at 373-5406.