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Stake Barbecue Tool

All-In-One Grill Tool Lets You Do It All


Superfluous kitchen gadgetry has moved well beyond the garlic peeler and the Slap Chop. Now, instead of using a knife and spoon to scrape out the innards of an avocado, you can use the Flexicado. Or instead of cracking an egg on, oh, any surface, you can insert it into the EZcracker Handheld Egg Cracker. Or instead of using the already unnecessary pizza wheel, you can slice through crusts with pizza scissors, which incorporate a side serving spatula.

But all of these kitchen contraptions will only add more clutter to your already-overflowing drawers. The Stake promises to help pare down the toolsanity. According to its website:

"Stake is an all-in-one BBQ tool which transforms from spatula to fork to tongs. Now you can flip burgers, grip chicken legs and spike hot dogs without breaking a sweat."

Features include a smooth leaf-spring mechanism that makes tongs easy to use, fork that slides out for use and tucks safely into spatula for storage, and handles that can be locked together or opened with one quick motion.

This brushed stainless steel tool would make a great gift for dad (Father's Day is Sunday, June 17) or your resident grill guru.