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Staff Update


You may have noticed a few changes to our masthead lately. Come with me behind the magic curtain and see inside Boise Weekly for a bit. About four months ago, we hired two new editorial staff people and promoted our bouncer to a third position. With the addition of our new and improved Web site calendar, database we moved into unknown territory.

Fast forward three months and we realized that some adjustments needed to be made. To balance out the workload, focus on what is really important to our readers and simply make the coverage we provide as thorough as possible, we played a game of musical chairs. Actually, in a way we got rid of the existing chairs and bought beanbags.

First of all, we eliminated the arts and entertainment editor position. Actually, we split it up. Jennifer Parsons, who was the A&E editor, is now the entertainment editor. She is in charge of movies, the gardening columns, food reviews and listings. Sara Beitia, our former food editor and staff writer, is now the arts editor, in charge of visual arts reviews, theater reviews, performance reviews and the 8 Days Out Calendar with all the BW picks. Amy Atkins, our former bouncer and calendar editor, is now the music editor, I believe the first time BW has ever had a position entirely dedicated to live music. She is our official BW Music Mama.

I've taken over management of the Sports and Outside sections. Each section editor is now the contact person for listings associated with their area of control. However, the best thing to do is use the new event submission form online.