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Kristin Armstrong woke up early Aug. 10 and looked out her 10th floor dormitory window in the Olympic Village. She didn't see one of those gorgeous Rio sunrises that Olympic organizers promised when they sited the summer games in Brazil. Instead, she saw nasty weather blowing in from the Atlantic. She later described the Rio roads as being filled with "puddles that weren't quiet."

This was not the glorious sun-splashed day that most Olympians dream of when vying for gold,

"but I took a moment and looked at the weather positively," Armstrong said. "Every other competitor would face those same conditions."

Several hours later, she went into the record books as the only cyclist ever to win three consecutive gold medals in the same discipline. Without exception, Armstrong is Boise's greatest athlete, and will most probably hold that unofficial title for generations. While she is the very model of the modern major athlete, Armstrong wants Boiseans to know that, at least in her heart, they're riding right alongside her—in Beijing, London, Rio or a gently rolling trail in Boise Hills Park (better known as Kristin Armstrong Trail).

Among the honors bestowed on Armstrong was renaming Boise's Municipal Park for her.

It was only two-and-a-half weeks prior to that, with only 5 kilometers left in the Rio Olympic time trials, that Armstrong's coach shouted to her, "You better decide what color medal you want today."

Armstrong later said she was physically hurting that day in the rain, but there was only one result possible.

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