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St. Terrible

The Olympic, Dec. 28


Take just one listen to the new EP from Boise performance artist St. Terrible (Zach Herbert) and you'll understand why he lists not just musicians but authors (Kurt Vonnegut, Italo Calvino) and artists (Michael DeForge) among his influences. Emptiness and Other Such Places (self-released, 2018) features three tracks of folk-tinged, semi-acoustic poetic rambling , juxtaposing relentless momentum with crackling silence. "I can come around / Put me in the ground / Build me up / Break me down / Pull me up / Push it in / Suck it out / Make the heart beat / Make the blood pump now," sings Herbert in "Emptiness Pt. II and III." "In the end, emptiness isn't the sea which the drowning man reaches out of, but rather the space he is reaching into," he wrote on Facebook, explaining the album. Gaze into that abyss when St. Terrible takes the stage Friday, Dec. 28, at The Olympic.