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Spring Crop of Homes


Never mind the daffodils. The best sign that the season is turning to spring is the pop-up of new home-for-sale signs. Here this month's top five spendiest and thriftiest homes, as ranked by Intermountain Multiple Listing Service.

1. It's all acreage: For $4.2 million, you only get three bedrooms, two baths and 1,700 square feet. But wait: You get 39 acres of prime south Boise property. Feeling cramped? Go outside. 8699 Gantz Ave., MLS No. 98341561.

2. Hanging off the rim: The house is a little bigger, but the land is postage-stamp style. For $3.5 million, you can step across the threshold of a four-bedroom, 5.5-bath Crescent Rim house. Your cars have more room than you do: the garage is built for four carbon-footprint-stompers. 316 Crescent Rim, MLS No. 98346339.

3. A night in the theater: For $3.3 million, you don't have to plunk the kids down on the couch for their DVD babysitter. Heck no, send 'em to the theater—downstairs. The whole place clocks in at 8,364 square feet, and they say the views are to die for, but we foresee some family members skipping it for a view of the latest Netflix mailer. 2425 E. Plateau, MLS No. 98352209.

4. Couldn't drag me away: Wild horses would probably prefer the first listing, but if they're cool with three acres, then this $2.9 million property is right up their alley. They'll get five bedrooms to trot around in, as well as six full bathrooms. 4628 E. Wildhorse Lane, MLS No. 98351950.

5. Hip to be square: Right angles, right hot tub temp, right price if you're in the money. This $2.6 property is a 6,353-square-foot house with three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, but they should be enough for you when you get done playing tennis on your own court or dipping a toe into your own in-ground pool. 2411 N. Overview Place, MLS No. 98334438.

On the cheaper side, you get houses that might actually rival the above for square footage, but few of them have that just-mortgaged-my-Hummer feel to them.

1. One and one: The cheapest place we could find for those of us without any wild horses was this single-bedroom, single-bathroom spot in West Boise. For $91,000, it's yours. It's 600 square feet of hacienda. 8875 W. Irving Street #101. MLS Listing No. 98352169.

2. Not quite a hundred grand: One bedroom and one bathroom, crammed into a New York City-style 390 square feet. All yours for just—and we mean just—under $100,000 at $99,900. 1005 N. 9th St. Unit 13, MLS No. 98347824.

3. The shadow of the forest: In the Chateau Les Bois subdivision, spend only $105,000 and you're into this 832-square-foot condo built in 1972. They have a pool on site for community use and you get a covered patio to watch the afternoon go by. MLS No. 98346341.

4.) Just radiant, darling: We're dying to know where the radiant heating is in this 912-square-foot condo that has two bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. For $107,777, one of these rooms is going to keep your toes toasty. The Boise Bench will be the neighborhood for this two-story condo spot. MLS No. 98317339.

5.) Crystal clear: Over in the Crystal Springs subdivision, this 884-square-foot spot sells for $109,300 and gets you into an association with a community pool. 707 W. Pennsylvania, MLS No. 98348330.