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Spank Heavens!


You can now take a piece of A.S.S. home with you because the Asylum Street Spankers have released their three-hour concert DVD, Re-Assembly 10th Anniversary Reunion Concert.

If you've never had the fortune to acquaint yourself with A.S.S., take note that this group is a collection of 20-plus musicians who like to drink booze, smoke pot and play any noisemaking device they can get their hands on. A.S.S. is the hardest partying band in the rockabilly-ragtime-vaudeville fusion genre. Or perhaps they are the only band in this genre. And based on the DVD, they definitely have a ball working their style in front of a crowd.

The Texas-founded band owns their own label (Spanks-A-Lot Records) and has become an international traveling party without the assistance of the corporate music industry. They make success look as easy as their performances, but man, their tour bus must be crowded.

A.S.S. are sophisticated musicians, but the DVD is a load of fun as it captures all the antics, the humor and furious characterizations of these stage maniacs. In one highlight number featuring two A.S.S. founders,"If You Want Me to Love You," Christina Marrs collides with the ghost of Betty Boop and brings animated Guy Forsyth to tears with comedic subtlety.

You'll also see their evening unfold as another of the three A.S.S. founders, grizzly-looking Wammo, gets drunk on stage then delicately plays the kazoo. He also contributes musically with vocals, harmonica, washboard, percussion and train whistle. "If you drink three beers a day for 10 years ... that's 11 thousand fucking beers!" says Wammo, right before singing the appropriately titled "Beer. You'll enjoy their jam-filled spins on songs like "UFO Attack," "Antifreeze," "Wake and Bake," and "Startin' to Hate Country," as well as entertaining stories and audience participation.

Dust off your clarinet and play along as you treat yourself to a party with this DVD. If you get good enough, A.S.S. might let you join them on stage at their Tom Grainey's show on May 3. To be sure, the only thing more fun than getting some A.S.S. on DVD is getting some A.S.S. in real life.

--Jennifer Gelband

Wednesday, May 3, 9:30 p.m., $5, Tom Grainey's, 109 S. 6th St.

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