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Spacebar Arcade First Anniversary Party

Saturday, Sept. 21


forget the quarters

Every kid has a friend who, in spite of being insufferably boring and a suspected booger-eater, threw the best birthday parties. Flying in the face of floppy, lukewarm cheese pizza, dry, generic cake and lame party favors--"What's this? A kazoo?"--his or her birthdays were awesome because he or she was stocked to the gills with the most exciting video games.

Spacebar Arcade isn't a snotty little kid, but it is throwing its first birthday party Saturday, Sept. 21, starting at 4 p.m. and running until 2 a.m. Admission is free, as are the games. DJ Cosmonaut lays down spacey beats as gamers coast through a history museum of classic arcade games, from Donkey Kong to Mortal Kombat and beyond. Pinball wizards keep their wrists supple with drink specials all night long.

In a location where a succession of nightclubs have failed, Spacebar has thrived, catering to a generation nostalgic for the early, heady days of electronic entertainment--a generation that is now old enough to take advantage of Spacebar's stock of beer. Rather than drawing the partiers who throng Eighth Street on Friday and Saturday nights, it has tapped Boise's seemingly endless supply of 20- to 40-year-olds who expect more from their bar hangouts than beer on tap and Internet radio tunes.

A full list of arcade consoles at Spacebar can be found online, but the classics are always there, making this a birthday party not to miss.