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Space Car, July 9, Spacebar


It's a little like Mystery Science Theater meets David Bowie meets Beastie Boys meets Flight of the Conchords. If that sounds bizarre, it's because Space Car is.

Described on its page as "a fast firing, tone driven adventure," Space Car was conceived by Boise locals Ian Jones and Nicholas Coutts in 2011. Together with Grant Collet—a standup who should be well known to anyone who has attended Boise's Funniest Person—the band layers quirky, clever writing on lo-fi guitar work, then shoots the package into the stratosphere with crackpot sound effects and space sounds.

Prepping to drop its second album, Doing It For the Exposure (Insubordinate Records, due out in 2016), Space Car is hosting a CD release party at Spacebar. In the meantime, check out its self-titled, self-released 2013 album, which weaves a storyline through alternating tracks of chatter from an eponymous radio show beamed from a desolate moon or satellite.

About halfway through the album is a six-second track titled "Impressed." Yes. We are.