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South Boise


Bumping up against the sagebrush-dotted desert, South Boise's open land and former farm fields have been attractive to both commercial and residential developers. Over the last decade, the area acquired its share of compact housing developments and the commerce they support.

The presence of the airport brought Gowen Field, home base for the Idaho Air National Guard, to South Boise, as well as the National Interagency Fire Center, the command post that oversees national wildfire efforts. During heavy fire periods of the summer, giant tanker planes can be easily spotted taking off from the Boise Airport, moving so slowly it seems miraculous that they stay aloft.

The military presence continues with the Idaho Military History Museum (4748 S. Lindbergh St.). The museum houses a variety of exhibits highlighting the history of Gowen Field and the presence of the Air Force in Boise from World War II to present day.

The area is also home to the World Center for Birds of Prey (5668 W. Flying Hawk Lane). The world-renowned center serves as the world headquarters for the Peregrine Fund, as well as the group's captive breeding programs for endangered and threatened birds.

The center opens its doors to school groups, as well as the public, with daily tours explaining the center's work and the world of falconry.

Finally, the area is also home to the Idaho Humane Society (4775 Dorman St.), one of the area's favorite nonprofits. The organization not only serves as the temporary home for animals waiting to be adopted, but it is also the force behind efforts to spay and neuter strays, as well as protect animals from abuse and neglect.

For residents who can't keep their own pet, the Humane Society works with volunteers who do everything from taking dogs for walks in the Foothills to playing with the cats—just the thing for a pet-friendly town like Boise.

—Deanna Darr

Vital Statistics

As Boise has expanded, South Boise has evolved from being the location of the city dump to the home of the Boise Airport. Now, increasingly, it's home to a growing number of Boiseans.