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Souls of Mischief

Tuesday, June 29, Reef


A-Plus, Opio, Phesto, Tajai. That's not a list of antidepressants awaiting FDA approval, although taken all at once, this foursome--Souls of Mischief--will lift your spirits.

When Souls of Mischief released their debut, 93 'Til Infinity (Jive Records), in 1993, they joined the likes of Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and Wu-Tang Clan in shaping the hip-hop scene.

Close to 20 years later, the Souls are still crafting wicked beats, extolling the virtues of the likes of Maui Wowee and pulling off what has given their "alternative" hip-hop staying power: four separate entities performing as one.

Their 2009 release Montezuma's Revenge (Clear Label Records) is a continuation of the Souls' irreverent, smart delivery but with a grownup edge, in part because of Prince Paul's (Handsome Boy Modeling School) production prowess.

Souls of Mischief are old-school and might very well be your dad's--or at least your older brother's--hip-hop, but only if your pop or elder sib was cool as ice.

9 p.m., $10, Reef, 105 S. Sixth St., Tickets available through