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Sorry, No Gift Receipt With That Bag


The word "kind" gets tossed around a lot during the holiday billing cycle. Just a few common usages include, "Be kind to your fellow man," "Buy this one-of-a-kind anatomically correct Teddy Ruxpin," and "What the hell kind of perverted Secret Santa are you, anyway?" And then there's the other kind of kind--the kind of kind you're more likely to hear being hawked outside of a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert than see in a Sunday advertising pullout. (Well, maybe not TSO. Those longhaired elves strike the author more as an eggnog-and-horse-tranqs crowd.)

On Wednesday, Boise Police arrested a pair of West Boise-ites--although they're so close to Garden City, it's tempting not to claim them--who are accused of operating a herbal bazaar out of a home on Mountain View Drive. James Edwards Johnson (pictured), 48, and Geoff Allen Maestsas, 32, are both facing charges of trafficking in a controlled substance after police obtained a search warrant, delivered it and found 25 pounds of marijuana and $25,000 in cash in Maestas's home. Police estimate the wholesale stash was worth approximately $150,000, barring any pre-Christmas sales.