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Something Doesn't Add Up


If Warner Bros. cartoons have taught us anything about prison, it's that inmates spend most of their time sitting around asking one another, "Whaddya in for?" If this portrayal is accurate, John Compston might want to spend the next few weeks trying to think up something cooler than the truth before he heads upriver. As it now stands, his story is about on par with the guy in Nampa who was arrested by police last week for making meth in his garage with the door open (BW, True Crime, "No Lab Coat Required," June 13, 2007).

Last Monday, Garden City police arrested Compston, 26, of Eagle for grand theft after he allegedly used bad checks to buy a truck, a motorcycle, a boat, two jet skis and other items. According to Ada County deputy prosecuting attorney Scott Erekson, Compston bought the toys with checks from an account with very little money in it, and he stored them at his home with the intent to "flip" them to other buyers or sports equipment dealers.

"This guy was just running all over town, writing checks like crazy," Erekson told BW. "Right now, he's only charged with one count of grand theft, but there could be several more coming." Erekson said Compston was also wanted by police in Salt Lake City for similar schemes. Compston is in jail on a $150,000 bond, and court proceedings against him will begin June 26.