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Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Nov. 10, Flying M CoffeeGarage


Stitching together ethereal vocals with meandering piano and acoustic guitar pairings is Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, from Springfield, Mo. They're sort of a new genre of pop, melding quick melodies, youthful pizzazz and gripping hooks. SSLYBY's Philip Dickey, Will Knauer, John Cardwell and Jonathan James are veritable wunderkinds. They can swing both ways on every instrument and still rock their songs. But where they really shine is in the marriage of their romantic crooning and experimental melodies that incorporate leading bass-lines, other-worldly maracas and tambourines, and the occasional psychedelic guitar riff. They keep it scholastic with their subject material, opening their low-fi initial hit "Pangea," lamenting: "We used to be together / why'd we have to drift apart?" Long story short: Take pre-majors Broom, dabble in Pershing, judge 2010's Let It Sway based on the former.