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Some Local CDs You May Have Missed

Boiseans have been busy in the studio


Homegrown music can get lost in the mix, so we wanted to make you aware of a few new releases that you might want to add to your playlist.

Incognito Tuxedo recently released Way Back Home. The band's name may have you picturing a British kids' show, but this is a rock/metal album for grownups. Several of the songs pass the five-minute mark, which is too long for some of them, but if you like your hair big, your jeans tight and your music loud, you might like this one. Visit for more info.

Alex Post, who performs as Customary, has also released a new album, Take Me Away. It's well-produced, original sounding and has an up-front Christian message throughout--this one is safe one for the youngsters. You can find more at

Changing course, we find Ocean Story Social's new self-titled release. Bright guitar swirls under singer Josh Lake's back-of-the-throat vocals that carry the slightest bit of ennui, making the album a chilled-out experience. This is a highly listenable CD and recommended for anyone who is a fan of the Northwest indie sound. Hear them at

Local jammer Jeff Crosby recently released a five-track solo effort, Too Many Walls. Pedal steel and acoustic guitar in opener "The Otherside" hint at Americana, but the texture and arrangements of the rest of the tracks have a more pop-rock presence than folks may be used to hearing from Crosby's other project, Equaleyes. This album less funk/reggae/jam--even though all of Crosby's Equaleyes mates play on the CD--and more of Crosby's smoky controlled vocals out front. Melodically, the songs hearken back to the likes of early James Taylor and Kenny Loggins due, in part, to Crosby's smooth voice, which makes him sound more mature than the 20-something he is. Get more info on him at