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Soma, Feb. 25, High Note Cafe



Natalie Staley, a.k.a. Soma, has one of the most charming Facebook "About" pages ever. In her "Story" section, the one-woman piano band writes, "I have poured several hours into my craft ... Please listen at your discretion, for what I have to say may not always be pleasing."

First of all, we highly doubt the talented Staley has only put "several hours" into her craft. Second, based on what we've heard, what she has to "say" is always pleasing.

Staley's sound is crisp and poppy, soulful yet restrained, and her vocals are crystalline in their purity. She eschews frilly excesses in favor of a delivery that exudes confidence as she traverses the scale. A graduate of Borah High School, Staley has clearly honed her voice to a fine point, which is made all the clearer combined with her piano skills, which are every bit as refined.

With a raft of original material we would consider radio ready, the High Note is the perfect venue in which to experience Soma before you're singing along to her on your car stereo.

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