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Softiemaker Turns Dreams into Reality

Now kids' creations can be transformed into toys.


We all remember the stuffed animal we cherished in childhood. Some of us still have them, tattered and dingy. But while we loved our heart-nosed polar bear or squishy doe-eyed sheep, they were all sort of generic. We loved them because they were ours. But how much better would they have been if we'd designed them ourselves?

That's where Wendy Tsao and her blog Softiemaker come in. Tsao started Child's Own Studio, where she takes a child's original artwork and turns it into a cuddly plush toy. If your son wants a purple giraffe with wings, or your daughter wants a dinosaur with golden locks, Tsao can make it happen.

Her orders have included a pair of cute slugs, an orange lumpsucker fish, a starred purple kitten, and dozens of other adorable creatures. The contributions come from kids in a variety of mediums—scribbled crayon on green construction paper, colored pencil and watercolor.

Her original idea seems to be paying off. Tsao has already reached the 50 orders she can accommodate for the holidays but urges customers to come back in January. And with the volume she's attracting, her business is bound to grow.

Admit it, you want to finger-paint a Tyrannosaurus Rex with your toes and see it turned into an adorable stuffed animal. Submit your artwork at, and Tsao will quote you a price based on complexity.